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Community Information Resources

Access to community-level information is especially important in North Dakota right now with the influx of new residents to the state. Citizens need to find out all sorts of locally-specific information, such as when garbage is picked up, how to file for unemployment benefits, how to join local activities and organizations, when the motor vehicle department is open, and much more, and the library is the perfect place to assist people in locating this type of information. Here are some resources to help your library be prepared to answer community information requests.

Community Information Directory Template

Local community-level information is often scattered around the community, making it difficult for citizens to locate the specific information they need. This template will help you compile a community information directory. A community information directory is similar to your local phone book, but with much more detail, and different kinds of entries. It includes the types of community-specific information people typically are in need of, including housing, human services, groups and organizations, recreation, schools, and healthcare. Use this template to help collect, organize, and publish a more complete collection of local community information, making it all available in one place.

Community Information Resources Online

This is a list of links to community services information available online through state and federal government sites. The list can be used as is, or as a starting point to which you can add links to your city and/or county government, as well as local organizations in your community.

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