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Universal Class

Universal Class Bookmarks
Bookmarks 1 (docx)
Bookmarks 1 (pdf)
Bookmarks 2 (docx)
Bookmarks 2 (pdf)
Bookmarks 3 (docx)
Bookmarks 3 (pdf)
Bookmarks 4 (pdf)
Bookmarks 5 (pdf)

Universal Class Brochures
Brochure/Overview Guide (pdf)
Entrepreneurs/Small Business (pdf)
Hobbies (pdf)
Homework Help (pdf)
New Americans (pdf)

Universal Class Flyers (8.5 x 11)
Flyer - Adult (docx)
Flyer - Adult (pdf)
Flyer - Business (docx)
Flyer - Business (pdf)
Flyer - Cooking (docx)
Flyer - Cooking (pdf)
Flyer - Dog Training (docx)
Flyer - Dog Training (pdf)
Flyer - Gardening (docx)
Flyer - Gardening (pdf)
Flyer - Marriage (docx)
Flyer - Marriage (pdf)
Flyer - Promotion (docx)
Flyer - Promotion (pdf)
Flyer - Stars (docx)
Flyer - Stars (pdf)
Flyer - U.S. Citizenship (docx)
Flyer - U.S. Citizenship (pdf)
Flyer - Writing (docx)
Flyer - Writing (pdf)
Flyer - Young Adult (docx)
Flyer - Young Adult (pdf)

Universal Class Images
Facebook Cover Photo for Accounting/Computer Skills (jpg)
Facebook Cover Photo for Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies (jpg)
Facebook Cover Photo for Health and Nutrition (jpg)
Facebook Cover Photo for Military History (jpg)
Facebook Cover Photo for Writing/Math Skills (jpg)

Universal Class Shelf Talkers
Shelf Talker - Accounting/Computer (pdf)
Shelf Talker - Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies (pdf)

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