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March Madness - Book Battles

The ND State Library is officially kicking off the event on March 19th. For those of you who haven't participated in the past, a theme is chosen and sixty-four book titles that fit the theme are randomly bracketed to battle against each other. This year's theme is "Survival of the Fittest," which will include books that have some sort of survival element or competition in it.

Every weekday, book battles will occur on Facebook (and e-mail for those of you who aren't on Facebook*). The books with the most votes at the end of the day move on to the next round. (Yes, this is a play on college basketball's March Madness).

Please return the brackets to or mail to the State Library by March 18th. The brackets can be printed and filled out or filled out online and emailed back to Any North Dakota resident can fill out a bracket and be eligible to win the prize. Voting is open to anyone on Facebook worldwide.

The winner will be determined by who picks the last book standing. If more than one person picks the winning book, we will determine the winner by whose bracket had the most correct predictions. Good Luck!

* If you would like to vote via e-mail, you must indicate that somewhere on your bracket or in an e-mail, with the e-mail address you would like to use for the game - We do not keep or sell these; they will only be used for this game, this year.

Book Bracket (pdf)

List of Books by Author (pdf)

List of Books by Title (pdf)

State Park Passes

The North Dakota State Library, in partnership with the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, are proud to announce that all public libraries will be given State Park Passes to add to their collections. The flyer below is available for public library use. For more information on State Parks please visit


State Park Pass Flyer 1 (pdf)

State Park Pass Flyer 2 (pdf)

State Park Pass Flyer 3 (pdf)

State Park Pass Flyer 4 (pdf)

Facebook Banner

Park Pass Facebook Banner 1 (jpg)

Park Pass Facebook Banner 2 (jpg)

Park Pass Facebook Banner 3 (jpg)

Park Pass Facebook Banner 4 (jpg)

Librarian For The Day

The Librarian For The Day Program is open to all North Dakota Libraries. All you have a to do is submit a request to and we will arrange to have the State Librarian come visit your library. This is a great opportunity to show off what your library and community is all about. It is also a great time to ask questions and do some hands on training!

Ancestry Marketing Materials

Ancestry is an online database to help patrons do genealogical research. The following marketing materials were either provided by the company itself or created by the marketing department at the State Library. If you are looking for something else or have changes you would like made to these materials please email

Ancestry Flyer (pdf)

Ancestry Website/Facebook Image

Ancestry Bookmarks (pdf)

Wii Gaming Program

As a part of the Wii Gaming program the North Dakota State Library is providing multiple marketing materials for participating library's to use. Below you will find a number of different flyers, invitations, Facebook ads, and a press release. Please feel free to use materials as you see fit. If you have any questions please email


Wii Gaming Flyer 1 (pdf)

Wii Gaming Flyer 2 (pdf)

Wii Gaming Flyer 3 (pdf)


Wii Gaming Invite 1 (pdf)

Wii Gaming Invite 2 (pdf)

Wii Gaming Invite 3 (pdf)

Facebook Ad

Wii Gaming Facebook Ad 1 (pdf)

Wii Gaming Facebook Ad 2 (pdf)

Wii Gaming Facebook Ad 3 (pdf)

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