Mission and Guiding Principles
Mission and Guiding Principles

The mission and guiding principles of the State Library is to provide pathways to information and leadership to the library communities. The State Library staff work to accomplish this through consultation services, training, resource development, and by meeting with library workers on site to assist them where and when they need it.

Academic, Special and Tribal Libraries Specialist

The North Dakota State Library (NDSL) Academic, Special, and Tribal Library Specialist strives to provide library development services that meet the current and future needs of the libraries within this unique group. The AST Library Specialist uses listservs, emails, and newsletters to communicate, advise and share resources such as professional development and grant opportunities, professional reading, and other information pertinent to each library group. Relationship building, site visits, and collaboration allow the Library Specialist to access and work to meet the needs of the library staff and its patrons. Assistance may also be provided in areas such as developing and enhancing library strategic plans, policies and procedures, marketing and promoting the library, grant writing, and literacy trainings.

For more information contact: Kathy Cline, (701) 328-2185, kjcline@nd.gov

Digital Initiatives

Digital Initiatives is a department of the Technology Services Division at the North Dakota State Library (NDSL). Digital Initiatives shares expertise in collecting, creating, and preserving digital copies of items relating to North Dakota's cultural heritage and government. Digital Initiatives administers the digitization projects and digital collections of NDSL; offers services, resources, and consultation to libraries, state government, and residents across the state; and facilitates many digital projects.

For more information contact: Trevor Martinson, (701) 328-4629, ndsl-digital@nd.gov

Grants Coordinator

The grants coordinator provides support for and helps administer North Dakota Library Vision grants and other state administered library grants including MLIS and training development grants. This position also serves as the state data coordinator for the public library survey, compiles monthly and annual online library resource statistics, and collects statistics for IMLS supported programs of the North Dakota State Library. For more information contact: James Murphy, (701) 328-3495, jwmurphy@nd.gov

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a department of the Technology Services Division at the North Dakota State Library (NDSL). IT provides technology support to NDSL, patrons, and provides outreach services to public libraries throughout the state. Through support, hands-on training, and technical assistance, IT enjoys meeting with library directors, staff, and boards to assist them to meet the technology needs of the library and community.

For more information contact: Ryan Kroh, (701) 328-4658, rakroh@nd.gov

Literacy Specialist

The North Dakota State Library (NDSL) is committed to serving the citizens of North Dakota. The Literacy Specialist oversees the development and management of the library’s collections while also leading efforts to improve literacy rates throughout the state. Serving as the subject matter expert on literacy and reading, the Literacy Specialist provides trainings, develops programs and services, and offers supports to librarians and patrons. The Literacy Specialist also serves as the state representative for the Library of Congress Center for the Book.

For more information contact: Lexi Whitehorn, (701) 328-4663, awhitehorn@nd.gov

Marketing Specialist

The Marketing Specialist serves as the public information officer for the North Dakota State Library and provides marketing support to the North Dakota library community. Please reach out if you would like promotional materials, press releases, infographics, website assistance, or have any questions about how to promote/market your library.

More information can be found on the marketing page.

For more information, contact BreAnne Meier, (701) 328-4656, ndslpa@nd.gov

Public Library Specialist

The North Dakota State Library (NDSL) Public Library Specialist supports North Dakota public libraries and their boards through training, communication, and resources. The Public Library Specialist can assist with creating/editing library policies and bylaws, funding considerations, programming, long range planning for services and building needs, and more! Please reach out to the Public Library Specialist to discuss any and all needs of your library.

For more information contact: Monica Struck, (701) 328-4680, mcstruck@nd.gov

School Library Specialist

The North Dakota State Library (NDSL) School Library Specialist works to assist librarians and educators in K-12 education. The School Library Specialist communicates resources and opportunities pertinent to school librarians through emails, listservs, newsletters, and social media. Some services offered include site visits, answering inquiries about school library trends, as well as license requirements, and promoting professional development opportunities.

For more information contact: Tammy Kruger, (701) 328-4744, tlkruger@nd.gov